At LEEDA NORTHEAST, INC. QUALITY means that we consistently provide the appropriate services to meet the needs of the individuals that we work for and that we do it by following federal, state, county and company rules and regulations.  Every individual that we assist and train deserves impressive service each and every day by every single employee.  We depend on our employees to always be courteous, friendly and efficient toward the individuals we serve,  LEEDA NORTHEAST, INC. staff, families, county and state representatives.  Therefore, we look for applicants who like to contribute to accurate, efficient and friendly service.

If you are interested in contributing to LEEDA NORTHEAST, INC. quality services, some of the job duties that you will be required to perform will include:

  • Completing job duties with a friendly attitude
  • Treating all individuals, staff, families, county and state representatives in a courteous, friendly and helpful manner.
  • Providing individuals with consistent quality interaction, assistance and training.
  • Following all LEEDA NORTHEAST, INC. policies, guidelines and protocols for each duty
  • Making sure that all paperwork is done timely, neatly and completely
  • Making sure that all supplies and equipment are returned to their storage location
  • Making sure that the assigned work site is clean

LEEDA NORTHEAST, INC. also expects all employees to maintain and uphold policies and work ethics, such as:

  • Working with courtesy and respect as part of a team with men and women of different ages who are from different races and ethnic backgrounds
  • Reporting to work on time
  • Reporting to work as scheduled
  • Completing all required shift duties
  • Working extra or overtime as needed
  • Reporting to work according to dress and safety standards

Employment with LEEDA NORTHEAST, INC. Northeast, Inc.,

What’s in it for you?

  • Learning new and different skills
  • Learning skills that you can apply to everyday living
  • The joy of directly contributing to the growth and success of the individuals that we serve
  • Earning a paycheck and receiving benefits
  • Opportunities for promotion and career growth
  • Being part of the LEEDA NORTHEAST, INC. Quality Team

You application will be considered active for up to 30 days.  For consideration after that you must reapply.