Employee Recognition

Star Performance

We work very hard with all of our employees to ensure that they understand what is expected of them, and how they are to do their jobs.  We also work hard to eliminate any barriers that might come their way in the course of their employment.  We will not say that we are perfect, however, when an error or weakness comes to our attention we work to repair the issue, conduct staff retraining, and ensure that all expectations are clear.  While we usually hear far more about errors that are made we recognize that many employees take their jobs very seriously and often go “Above and Beyond”  in their day to day activities.  That is why we began a formal employee recognition program in 2014.  When we receive a report, or observe an employee going above and beyond, they receive a written thank you and their names go into a quarterly drawing for gift cards.  We are expanding this program by asking family members, County Board employees, or members of the public who notice an employee doing an exemplary job to complete the nomination form below and send it to us.  Our managers cannot be every where to notice the good things that are being done – we know we miss things sometimes, so if you see what we do not, please take a minute and let us know.  Your feedback is appreciated.

Employee Recognition Form