Day Program

Leeda Northeast, Inc , an agency certified by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities , originally focused on providing residential supports so that people with disabilities did not have to live in nursing homes or institutions.  In 2007 Leeda Northeast opened a day program for adults with developmental disabilities with a focus on providing community employment opportunities.  Since then, we have significantly expanded the services we offer.  This includes the opening of It’s All Fine Consignment & Gifts.  In addition to offering a great place to shop with a large selection of household items, gifts, and collectables at  great prices, It’s All Fine serves two unique functions for our day program.  First, Its All Fine offers real employment opportunities to the individuals we work with so that they can use the skills they acquire during the  vocational training provided in our daySecond, it is a place for us to sell items hand-made by the day program.  This includes glass sculptures using recycled goods, pottery, lawn and garden art and wall art.  Art offers an income for those who may not be looking for community employment and is also a healthy outlet of expression.  We also plant, tend to and harvest vegetable and herb gardens that are used for healthy cooking as well as making dried herbs and bath and body products to sell at It’s All Fine.  For more information go to:

Our day program is person centered; we look at each individual in attendance and base programming on their needs and wants.  Our main goal is to teach skills that promote independence and community integration.  We do this through training in activities of daily living, vocational and habilitation training, fine and gross motor skills and sensory training, to name a few.  The move to our new location at the start of 2013 gives even more opportunity–with more space to grow and the addition of a commercial kitchen.  We are also very excited for our new sensory room.  There are many individuals who need sensory training.  Over stimulation may cause anxiety and frustration which can lead to aggressive behaviors.  We have created an area that is relaxing and offers controlled stimulation—sight, sound, motion, touch—to help individuals better process and handle sensory information.     This in turn leads to less anxiety and a healthier, happier life plus ongoing learning.


With the move, we were also able to open our recreation center; equipped with ping-pong, foosball, air hockey and pool tables as well as a large screen TV and Wii games.  This offers a place for individuals to have fun and socialize.  We will  be offering evening classes, such as cooking and dance classes in the near future.    Any individuals with disabilities are welcome to join these social events.  For more information on the Day Program or Rec Center call (330)392-6006.