The Staff

Approximately 50% of the employees have worked in the field of Developmental Disabilities for over 5 years. The majority of staff has at least two years of direct service experience. We continue to focus on decreasing staff turnover to ensure consistent services and choice. Staff training is an important component of quality services.

Staff receive over 40 hours of orientation and training including: first aid, CPR, medication administration and health related activities, MUI prevention and reporting, behavioral interventions, introduction to the field of Developmental Disabilities, and communication. Staff also receive ongoing support and training through regular site meetings and an annual agency meeting.  We also send staff to appropriate seminars and workshops as available.  Staff also spend time “shadowing” seasoned staff before they are assigned to work on their own.

Direct service staff receive direction from the Site Supervisors who work in tandem with the Program Coordinators to ensure staff coverage and program implementation. Supervisory staff are on-call with shift coverage guaranteed.  Administrative staff are also always available for questions and/or concerns.

Individuals are treated with dignity and courtesy at all times. They are encouraged to participate in making decisions about their day to day activities at all times. Boundaries are respected, optimal independence is encouraged and teamwork is the order of the day.