Residential Services

►Scheduling Appointments
Making medical appointments such as eye, dental, health and psychological services as needed

►Personal Care
Assist individuals as needed with dental hygiene, personal care hygiene such as shaving, bathing, shampooing, using deodorant etc……

Assist and/or provide medication/treatment per the individual’s ISP, physician’s orders, and medication administration guidelines. Communicate with the pharmacy to ensure that medication is provided as ordered.

Transport to and communicate with physicians or mental health professionals as needed, ensure that labwork and assessments are completed as prescribed.

Assist with the development of nutritious meals, develops shopping lists, and assists with grocery shopping, meal preparation, and healthy choices.  Consult with specialists as needed.

Attending to and providing training in typical cleaning activities such as doing the dishes, vacuuming, laundry, dusting, mopping etc.

►Clothing Care
Assisting the individual to shop for and maintain clean, well fitting clothes.

►Meal Preparation
Assisting the individual in the safe preparation of meals as identified in the ISP.


  • Insure that the budget is in conjunction with the ISP, that financial forms and deposits and withdrawals are tracked accurately.
  • Assist the individual in paying for groceries and personal needs per the ISP.
  • Assist in maintaining benefits as appropriate.

Assist with participation in community events, outings, leisure activities, and community participation such as attending church, scouting, special Olympics, and sporting events. We also work closely with “Trips Ahoy” and fund vacations and group outings.

►Fire/Weather Safety
Provide fire and natural disaster drills to facilitate appropriate responses in the event of a real disaster. Provide assistance at all times to ensure safety according to the ISP.

Assist in transporting individuals to appointments, work, and community activities.